Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Brooklyn Brewery Local 2

The ninth brew was tasted while I was still in Binghamton on "vacation" last month!  I had the privilege of sharing a special pint of the Local 2 Ale with my dad.  A friend of his, from his Suds group, gave this pint to him straight from the Brooklyn Brewery.  This beer was so delicious as it is an ale brewed with honey and citrus peel, a fantastic combination.  A more detailed description of the ingredients off the bottle include:  "We've combined European malt and hops, Belgian dark sugar, and raw wildflower honey from a New York family farm to create Brooklyn Local 2.  Our special Belgian yeast adds hints of spice to the dark fruit, caramel and chocolate flavors."
A really neat experience with this pint was that you had to uncork it, like it was a bottle of aged wine or champagne, which created a celebratory moment in my parents' kitchen!  So, if you are in the hunt for a special brew to enjoy at a festive event, search no further, the Local 2 is the perfect choice!  Enjoy :)

Taste:  beautifully sweet with a floral bouquet scent; like a liquid dessert, it was that yummy!

Color:  Amber dark

Thickness: heavy head and very frothy

Will it help me sleep better?  At a whopping 9% ABV it most certainly did!

Mom Factoid:  According to my dad, a farmer at heart, he detected butter cups and red clover in each sip.  I think it's fascinating that flowers are edible as well as beautiful.  The fact that they are used in the brewing process just adds to their brilliance!  Spring is around the corner, get ready to buy some seeds and plant flowers with your kids--watch them get excited as they grow & bloom in front of their eyes! What a great and fun activity :)

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