Monday, September 12, 2011

Guest Post: Tequesta Hop Scotch Ale

Excited to share the blog with a fellow beer blogger, Chalie Beatty, from Florida. 
He writes his own beer blog, the Mug Of Saint Arnold, which you should check out the link at:  Mug Of Saint Arnold & he's on Twitter @MugOfStArnold
The neat thing about having a guest post is that I'm going to do one on his blog too.  One that focuses on a Maine craft beer; now just to pick one, taste it & review it....soon, I promise!  Fortunately, Chalie is more organized and got his done for me.  Based on what I've read & others he's posted over on his blog, it's time to vacation in Florida this Winter, for the sun & the brews!  Enjoy & thanks, Chalie :)
Here's his take on Tequesta Hop Scotch Ale & the craft beer scene in Florida:

Florida has been known as a craft beer waste land, but that is rapidly changing. New local breweries seem to be popping up all over the place. One of these breweries is Tequesta Brewing Company. Initially their beers were being small batch brewed in a local restaurant. Quickly the beers grew such a following that brew master Matt Webster opened his own brewery and you can now find his taps throughout south Florida. Recently Webster released his first bottled beer, Hop Scotch. This ale was inspired by golf legend Alexander Findlay who built golf courses in Florida by blending Scottish golfing elements with the tropical paradise of south Florida. Hop Scotch is a Wee Heavy Scotch ale brewed with Amarillo and Citra hops to bring some tropical flavors to the traditionally malty beer.

  • Tequesta Brewing Company, Tequesta, FL
  • Hop Scotch Ale Wee Heavy with 9.5% ABV
  • Limited Release
  • Serving Type: 12 oz bottle
  • Served in a Snifter
Appearance- Clear mahogany body with high carbonation; short lived thin head
Aroma- Very tropical; notes of pineapple, oranges, orange zest
Taste- Notes of sweet toffee, caramel that evolve to the tropical hop flavors of fresh orange and pineapple
Mouth Feel- Medium body, smooth consistency
Overall Impression- Tequesta traditionally brews high quality beers that really complement the style. As a beer geek, I have been hoping to get a beer from Tequesta that really pushes my concept of a style and showcases some brewing creativity; Hop Scotch was that beer! I found the beer intriguing and unique. I really liked this beer and it has become my new favorite from Tequesta.  I am so happy to have gotten to taste it and hope the beer returns soon.
Beer Score- 4.33/5.0    A-

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