Friday, September 2, 2011

Geary's Pale Ale

Brewery: D.L. Geary in Portland, Maine
Style: Pale Ale (Considered their flagship beer)
Taste: Mixture of mild malt with a slight bitterness in the dry finish.  Overall,  a pleasing combination for your taste buds. Lacks a strong aroma but don't let that fact mislead you in selecting this brew.  It is a top notch pale ale.
Color: Amber & caramel  hues glisten in the glass.
Thickness: Mild body with a less than quarter inch white head on the pour. Balanced carbonation.
Mom Factoid:  Given that September is when school  starts up, I decided to go 'old school' with this selection of a Maine craft beer.  D.L. Geary's has a rich & long history when it comes to microbrewing in Portland, Maine and it claims to be the FIRST microbrewery on the East Coast.  For a more detailed description of their past, check out this link:
Also, in anticipation of things to come in their future, they announced, today, via Twitter & Facebook, that a new Third Silver series draught, Hudson Red, will be available next week!  Cheers to what they've brewed in the past & to what they will brew in the future!


  1. Sounds good, but I'm ashamed to admit I never heard of them! (Gotta get out more!)

  2. Hey Scott!
    Geary's often gets unnoticed up here too, as there are so many microbreweries in the Portland area these days. However, they've been here the longest & I enjoy their lineup, of quality brews. Their Hampshire Ale is another one that I might feature down the road. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to doing a tour & a tasting soon with the Geary folks :)