Sunday, September 25, 2011

Guest Post from: Twilight Brewing

My good friends at "Twilight Brewing" (aka home brewers)  in Binghamton, NY have been kind enough to provide us with some tasting notes from their night at the Brew In The Zoo event that occurred last evening at Ross Park Zoo, in my hometown of Binghamton, NY.  Though they aren't new to home brewing, they are new to sharing their tasting notes & are a bit nervous to have them 'published' on the blog.  I assured them that their information was great, informative, witty and helpful to all craft beer drinkers.
Without further discussion here is their recap after tasting a plethora of beer out of, as they noted, blue plastic mugs while listening to Journey & Chicago over loud speakers:

Name:  Nova Scotia Pale AleOrigin: Not positive but am going out on a limb here and will dare say Novia Scotia?

Style: Pale Ale

Aroma: A lovely caramel scent....not very hoppy at all.

Thickness: Very light

Taste: For those who don't prefer the bitter side, you may enjoy this light pale ale. Caramel bursts abound... very nice on an Autumn afternoon. Personally, I think a package of Whoppers malt bars would go nice with this- but maybe that was just my stomach talking! Would sample it again- one thumbs up. 

Name: Leffe Blonde
Origin: Belgium

Style: Belgian Pale Ale

Aroma: Smells like a medicine cabinet!

ABV: 6.6 %

Color: Not sure- taste disoriented all my senses.

Taste: If you like the scent and taste of bandaids, this may be the right beer for you. Perhaps, I just don't have a sophisticated enough palette but I could not stomach this.... However, if you can get past the taste you probably will be feeling no pain for the rest of the night...Overall, I'd say leave the Leffe at home.....

Name: GooseIsland 312
Origin: Chicago

Style: Wheat Ale

Aroma: A bit of citrus

Color: Honey Wheat

Taste: Delightful. A very refreshing light wheat ale... with a fruity flavor that is not overpowering. It added a bit of a spring to my step....would definitely sample this again- I'm thinking in the Spring.

**For more information on Twilight Brewing, click below to check out my past review of their special Kentucky Derby brews that I reviewed here back in May.

Twilight Brewing Review

Mom Factoid:  If in the Binghamton area, you can pick up Goose Island brews at Wegmans, as I did when I was visiting my parents back in August.  Also, regarding Goose Island, my younger brother, Cedric, interned in Chicago over the summer for the WNBA Chicago Sky.  He became a HUGE fan of the 312 & being the great younger brother that he is, brought me back a special six-pack of the Goose Island Harvest that I quickly enjoyed! From the below picture, you can imagine why!  Cheers :)


  1. Great post! I think that the good folks at Twilight Brewing should have regular guest posting feature here at Mom's Malt Barley!!

  2. Completely agree Dear Life It's On!