Thursday, September 29, 2011

Great Divide Brewing Company Belgian Style Yeti Imperial Stout

Brewery: Great Divide Brewing Company
Location: Denver, CO
Name: Belgian Style Yeti
Style: Imperial Stout

Aroma: A nutty yeast like aroma from the special strain of yeast that is used.

Taste: A strong coffee maltiness slams your palate & drives you to sniff more & take your time sipping this beauty of a unique Belgian style Imperial Stout. Smokey undertones present themselves as the tasting continues and the beer warms up.  Overall, a deliciously unqiue beer & one that should be sought out.

Color: A dark chestnut brown.

Thickness: A medium to full body mouthful with excellent carbonation. Close to an inch of  a tan, creamy head lingers leaving lacing along the glass.

ABV: 9.5%

Mom Factoid: Given that today marks the beginning of the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, Colorado, I thought it was fun & appropriate to review a beer from Denver.  In spirit, by drinking a beer from Denver, I'm transported out there, with everyone participating in the incredible three-day GABF events.  Of note, in 1982, when Charlie Papazian, President of the Brewers Association first sponsored the GABF, there were only 24 breweries with 47 beers to sample.  Whereas, the 2011 GABF features 466 breweries and 2400 beers.  Talk about providing concrete evidence that the craft beer movement in the US is growing!  Maybe, someday, I'll fly out to Denver and blog from the GABF, but until then, it's fun to hear about it from afar.  Looking forward to learning which beers take home medals this year & crossing my fingers that a few from New England will be winners! 

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