Sunday, December 4, 2011

Brooklyn Brewery's Pilsner

Liz's pretty photo of
 Brooklyn Brewery's Pilsner

Below is a special guest post from my NYC "mom craft beer consultant" & longtime friend, Liz.  I've known Liz since attending Boston College & we've remained close post college years as well.  She recently relocated back to the East Coast, after living in LA for awhile, & has a daughter close in age to my son.  You'd think since we both live on the same side of the country, now, we'd be able to get our act together and hang out, but sadly our paths have not crossed in a few years.  However, through the beauty of the internet & cell phone use, we've stayed in touch and I really appreciate that she would offer up a fantastic review for you to enjoy. My hope is that she & her cool husband, Jason, will share future reviews too! Cheers! 

Date of tastingSaturday December 3, 2011 
Who: Liz Cahill (with input from her husband Jason)
Where: Manhattan, NYC

On a chilly Saturday night in December, my husband and I decided to order in from our favorite pizzashopI asked myself, what could compliment this delectable thin crust better then beer?  Not much.  So it seemed only natural that tonight should be the night that I write a guest post on my friend Cecily's amazing blog.

Knowing Cecily often reviews local Maine brews, I decided to show off a beverage from my own neck of the woods and chose Brooklyn Pilsner of The Brooklyn Brewery, which the company describes as a pale refreshing lager.  Yum. My husband and I each grabbed a bottle & got down to business – here's what we found:

Aroma: The classic looking brew has a sweet malty scent.

Taste: As someone who hasn't made it her profession (or hobby) as a beer connoisseur, please excuse my inability to properly describe this beverage, but I'll give it my best! I found the first couple of sips to be smooth, if a little bitter.  However, the smoothness overtook any bitterness by sip three.  As a beer reviewing novice, I'll credit any bitterness to the brewing technique … or the malts … or the hops.  Not quite sure – taste it and decide for yourself!

Color: Pretty and golden – clear (not cloudy).

Thickness: Not at all thick, this was your traditional go-to lager style beer.

ABV: 5.1%, but what does this mean?  I'll just assume that anyone reading this knows way more about ABV then myself!

Mom Factoid: The pilsner style of beer began in the 1840s, emerging from central Europe – and it is now the world's most popular style of beer.  According to Brooklyn Brewery, the Brooklyn Pilsner is brewed like its ancestors – from the finest European two-row barley malts.  And because this beer is crafted in the style favored by NY's pre-Prohibition German-American brewers, it has a very cool historic factor.  I felt like I was experiencing a little bit of the early 1900s with each sip!  Who says drinking can't be educational too?

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