Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Allagash Coolship Red

Brewery:  Allagash
Location:  Portland, Maine

Style:  Described on the November 4, 2010 dated bottle, as an "ale aged in oak barrels with raspberries."

Aroma: Candied sweet tarts that have gotten damp/wet.

Taste: Tartly with an effervescence of mixed berries popping on your palate! Sour meets slightly salty in the finish. Very unique. But, I am someone who loves sour and salt so this combo appeals to me.  A very nice beer that I would highly recommend trying, if you can find it (see Mom Factoid below for info).

Color: An incredibly brillant fuchsia pink.

Thickness: Light mouthful yet bubbles create a depth each sip; a scant white head lingers during the tasting.

ABV: 5.7%

Mom Factoid:  This bottle was one of only 400 released back in late August at the brewery.  I learned of this from one of the brewmasters' twitter feed & hustled over to pick up a bottle.  Upon arriving, I learned you could purchase two bottles per/person for $15 each.  I chose to only buy one as I wasn't sure what to expect with the brew & don't have $30 to splurge on my craft beer hobby.  Anyway, I've since learned that these bottles were quite the hype, on the trading circuit, throughout craft beer geekdom.  Maybe, in the future, I will try to purchase more of Allagash's speciality release brews & explore the unique trading world, that exists for fans of rare craft beer. 
Speaking of, in less than two weeks, Allagash is releasing Ghoulschip on Halloween.  The following information became available yesterday to the public via the brewery:

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