Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Flying Fish Exit 6 Wallonian Rye

Discovered a gem when I decided to open Flying Fish's Exit 6:  Wallonian Rye, which I've been saving since visiting Ocean City, NJ in August. Why I waited, I'm not sure, but wow, this is a tasty beer.  Here's why:

Style: Belgian Style Ale with New Jersey Rye
Aroma:  Apple spiciness
Taste: Spicy overtones of clove & citruses like a lemon peel combine with a malty backbone.  Not detecting bitterness in this brew, which is fine by me.  Overall, this is a beer that you should grab, if you can find it.  Hint to Philly fans, you can!
Color: Hazy golden sunset with orange hues.
Thickness: Medium body; very delightful feel in the mouth.  Half an inch of a white, creamy textured head, mixed with a cider like carbonation, producing a unique blend on the palate.
ABV: 7.5%
Mom Factoid:  As noted in the intro, I bought this speciality bottle from Flying Fish, when I was vacationing with family, in NJ, back in August.  Everytime, I think of my trips to Ocean City, growing up, I remember the fun, food and life lessons taught to me by my grandparents.  So, this is a review dedicated to my Grandfather's memory, who passed a few years ago, during the early part of October.  He lived a very rich life full of:  family, friends, work as a surgeon for over fifty years & gave generously to his community & to many non-profit organizations. He was a true role model and is smiling down, winking at me & my little duo on a daily basis.  Cheers to you, Pop Pop!

For more information on the Cherry Hill, New Jersey, based Flying Fish Brewery and their limited release Exit Series, go here: Exit Series


  1. Nice post! I haven't had this one yet, but I think overall Flying Fish is stepping up their game with their Exit Series brews.

  2. Thanks, Scott! Yes, I really enjoyed the Exit 6 & was fan of their Farmhouse Ale when I had it too! Which Exit Series ones have you had?

  3. I've had Exit 1 (Oyster Stout) that was a little weird and Exit 4 (American Trippel) which was very good. I'd love to try the Exit 13 which is a Chocolate Stout, but I haven't see it yet.

    I think its a good concept, and I like that they are trying to put bolder, more interesting beers out there.