Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Grocery List

Mom Factoid:  Most weeks, I try to hit the grocery store as infrequently as possible with the little duo.  Alas, sometimes, this plan falls WAY short & we end up, there, zooming around in the double seat car cart, that impedes everyone's travel path, including ours! But, enough mini ranting about the challenges of grocery shopping with children.
This post is truly an infomercial for tomorrow's FIRST ever International Stout Day. What does this mean to you & me?  Click here for the precise details, but bottom line, if you've ever wanted to try a stout, tomorrow's the day and if you're a stout lover like myself, you are thrilled to have a reason to find a tasty stout at the grocery store or wherever else your list takes you! Cheers!

Great Divide Brewing Company
Yeti Imperial Stout

PS Please leave a comment below if you plan to drink a stout & tell me what you plan to have.  It will be neat to see the variety of stouts that people consume on International Stout Day!


  1. I have some homebrew porter/stout as well as a couple special bottles (BrewDog Abstakt 04 and BrewDog Tokio might come out) that I might open (hoping to get to the pub as well).

  2. Jay,
    Sounds like you have a great Stout Day ahead!

  3. I'm drinking my own home-brewed Stouticus American Stout tomorrow. If I remember, I may stop by a local micro-brewery and pick up a growler of their American Stout as well.

  4. Esheppy,
    Love your Stouticus homebrew's name! Which micro do you think you'll grab an American Stout growler from? Enjoy!
    Cheers :)

  5. My growler will come from Dry Dock Brewing company, which is a very small brewery here in the Denver-metro area ... not far from where I work. I am hoping they will will still have "Two Tasks American Stout", which I really enjoyed last time I had it.