Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Magic Hat's Scrumptious Spring Lager

By far, the best signage I've seen this year is from Magic Hat.  Their Scrumptious Spring Lager label caught my eye in Wegmans. I was captivated by the colors and hence took more than one look at it in the cooler.  I ended up getting some, back in April, while visiting my parents and actually took notes on my tasting but left the notes there.  However, upon returning to Binghamton this past weekend for Mother's Day, (may I add that my ten month old son decided to officially call me "mama" on MD...true story) I found my notes and decided this brew and particularly its label were worth the wait for the official review.
The beer is a seasonal release, amber lager, only available from January 15th to March 31st, from Magic Hat, which is a Vermont brewery, located in South Burlington.  I've enjoyed their beers over the years but never run into this one before, and I found it to be very good.

Taste: layered with sweet butterscotch not hoppy or sour in the finish

Color: Garnet with caramel overtones

Thickness: moderate head...goes down quite easily

ABV: 5.1%

Mom Factoid:  Magic is an interesting concept in childhood.  On the one hand, you want your kids "believing" in the impossible and on the other hand you're constantly answering their "why" questions about everything!  Recent example from the 3 year old:  "Mom, why do we have legs?  Why do I have a big toe? Why do we have eyes?"  Typically, I feel propelled, when I have the patience, to give her concrete information.  Yet, it is a "magical" experience to watch their minds figure things out on their own and discover life's mysteries in front of you.

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