Sunday, July 24, 2011

Abita Jockamo IPA

The latest poll question on the blog asked what type of brew I should have when eating lobster & the overwhelming answer was an IPA. So, I enjoyed a few IPAs over the past few days, in preparation for my lobsterfest, & this is the first review in the upcoming series. 

Taste: First few sips unable to detect strong flavors; not overly hoppy & lacking a big bite in the finish. There is a significant malty presence as the tasting continues.
Color: Clean, crisp looking caramel with a small, tan head.
Thickness: Moderate body with a sticky, slightly chewy, almost cotton mouth texture on the palate; decent carbonation.
ABV: 6.5%, which really warms you up as you go on with the tasting.
Mom Factoid:  According to the Abita website, "Jockamo is named for the tribes of dancing, singing, chanting “Mardi Gras Indians” who have marched in New Orleans for over 250 years." It would be fun, in the future, to head to Mardi Gras, sans kids, collect a few beads & enjoy some delicious brews, like the Jockamo IPA---a mom can dream , right?

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