Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Red, Black & Blue

Happy BELATED Fourth of July! Let's look at some colorful & tasty brews that I enjoyed over the holiday:

Magic Hat's Wacko
This brew was part of a beer trade with a friend!  Love sharing as an adult :)
Taste: Slight sweetness in the finish; not sure if it's beets (listed as part of the ingredients) but it's good and very refreshing!

Color: Amber with cranberry rouge highlights

Thickness: Crisp and light bodied; yielded a half-inch, white, frothy, head which was quite pretty in contrast against the reddish hues.

ABV: 4.5%; high drinkability!

Dixie Blackened Voodoo Lager
The brewery is from New Orleans (refer to resources list for more info).  I purchased my two bottles @ The Cheese Iron!

Taste:  Smokey with nut overtones; reminded me of a porter instead of a lager; delicious!

Color:  A deep, dark, brown with a small, tan, head that lingered the duration of the pint.

Thickness:  Medium-bodied producing a full mouthful.

Abv: 5%
Cisco Brewers Whale's Tale Pale Ale
A neat tid-bit of info regarding the name from their website:  "If you're not familiar with Nantucket history, you'll be interested to know that this tiny island was once the Whaling Capital of the World."

Taste:  Crisp & flavorful!  I tasted malt overtones in the finish; not bitter or too hoppy.

Color:  Beautiful, caramel, brown with an inch, plus, beige head.

Thickness:  Medium-body with a balanced carbonation.

ABV: 5.6%

Mom Factoid: The Fourth of July was a HUGE holiday for me growing up.  I spent many summers on the green in Montrose, PA:  watching the parade, eating chicken bbq on my Grandma's porch, running the road races and watching the fireworks at Elk Lake.  Now, with the little duo, we are starting our own traditions, one year at a time.  Last year, it was teaching the three year old how to swing a bat, as she played tee-ball for the first time.  This year, there was biking, baking & grilling!  I sense, that however, we spend our future Fourths, the most important thing, is to enjoy the company of one another and to indulge on a few colorful brews!  Hope your holiday was filled with many colorful moments too :)


  1. Cisco makes some great stuff. My favorite is the Grey Lady. Pink Lady is awesome as well. The have a limited edition version out called Pechish Woods (Grey lady with peach

    infused) and it's terrific. Ridiculously expensive, but terrific.


  2. Lost,
    Thanks for the heads up! Would love to get my hands on a few more of these Cisco brews you've highlighted! I appreciate the heads up :)