Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kennebec River IPA

As you can see I dipped into the cooler this weekend.  The Kennebec brew was brought to me by my craft brew fan neighbor, who happened to spot them at the Higgins Beach Market in Scarborough.  Neither of us had heard of the Kennebec Brewery before but they are one of the breweries to be featured in the upcoming Craft Brew Fest in Boothbay, on July 30th, that I'm attending!  So, I was excited to get a jump start on the tasting & give a preview of what's to come in two weekends. Here goes:

Taste:  Aroma is sweet and it also tastes sweet & malty as opposed to bitter & hoppy.  Interesting for an IPA.  The aftertaste lingers as there's a tangible bite that leaves a chewy feel in the mouth.

Color:  Caramel copper

Thickness:  Very thick & frothy off-white head that appears to be creamy, leaving lacing on the cup. It is moderately carbonated and you can see active bubbles cascading in the cup.

ABV: 5.9%

Mom Factoid:  This beer was divinely yummy & crisp and would make for a perfect choice on a lazy summer day, lounging in an Adirondack Chair--not that I have any if those days (but I do have the chairs)! 

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