Monday, August 22, 2011

Bar Harbor Brewing Company Thunder Hole Ale

Style: English Brown Ale

Taste:  Butterscotch & syrup flavors come through--not too sweet but the malt is a distinctive presence during the tasting; along with a mild chocolatey goodness in the finish.

Color: An acorn brown.

Thickness: A slightly, watery, medium bodied mouthful; with a good, balanced level of carbonation and a quickly fading white head. Did not notice lacing along the sides of the pint glass after the pour.

ABV: 4.8%--is low resulting in a high drinkability with this yummy brew! Speaking of yummy, it is an award winner along with other Bar Harbor brews. Of note, if in BH, the brewery is open seven days a week & offers free tastings! Talk about an added incentive to visit :)

Mom Factoid: The Bar Harbor Thunder Hole Ale was a gift from our neighbors, after we watched their kids, on a Sunday morning, earlier in August. They ran in the Beach to Beacon, a 10K road race, in Cape Elizabeth, that has runners finishing at Fort Williams Park.  I've given props to Fort Williams before on the blog, but must do it again. It is a gorgeous park that should be included in a trip itinerary, if planning a visit to Maine. Back to my neighbors, how sweet & kind of them, to thank us, with delicious, local craft beer from the Bar Harbor region of Maine.

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