Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dogfish Head World Wide Stout

Taste: There is a distinguished malt quality, with an intensity that screams, "this stout is not for a newborn craft beer drinker!" Its sweetness is complex, with melting layers that appear as the, very slow, tasting continues--coffee undertones pop out on the palate & in the air. *I did not finish this pint as it became too boozey for me but would have made for a great pint to share with the husband--maybe on Stout Day in November :)

Of note, to me, the aroma is like fresh shucked corn. Perhaps that's the "ridiculous amount of barley" that is listed on the bottle label.

Thickness: A very full & dense body; with an inch of tan head that took it's time slowly fading, leaving delicate lacing along the sides of the pint glass, as I journeyed on in my quest of enjoying another Dogfish Head beer!

Color: Midnight brown--almost a coal black if I stare long enough. Bottom line, you can't see through it!

ABV: 18%--woah--be careful!!

Mom Factoid: The late afternoon thunderstorms at the shore were a welcome reprieve from the intensely icky heat and humidity that greeted us upon arriving to NJ from Maine. The change in weather changed my direction when it came to choosing my nighttime brew to taste. I wasn't feeling like a crisp summer ale. Rather, I was chilly, in sweats and seeking warmth and comfort in my beloved stout style of brew! I guess the weather not only affects what you can do outside but also can affect what your body craves with respect to eating & drinking.

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