Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sebago Brewing Company's Frye's Leap IPA

HAPPY International IPA DAY from Maine!

Taste: Citrusy with a grapefruit essence that dominates the hoppy finish. Malty presence that grows on me as the tasting continues, but not overwhelming sweet. Overall, a really delicious IPA.

Color: Caramel with subtle orange hues.

Thickness: Medium body with balanced carbonation; quarter inch white head.

ABV: 6.2%

Mom Factoid: After relocating, my first Maine Mom's Night Out was to the Sebago Brewpub in Scarborough, with the mom friends I made through taking my daughter to our local library's weekly story time! Just proves that when you facilitate social situations with your little ones, sometimes you're lucky enough to socialize too and meet great friends!


  1. Sounds delicious Cec! Think the Mom Factoid is also right on the money!

  2. Love the Frye's. Great way to celebrate IPA Day. Now if there was only a Stout Day then I would be in heavan