Monday, June 6, 2011

Saranac Pale Ale

I've always enjoyed Saranac's Black & Tan and thought it would be fun to purchase their 12 Beers of Summer variety pack.  My intent was to sample a few from the variety pack and share my opinions on more than one beer.  I have sampled a few of them, but find that I only want to review their Pale Ale (read between the lines, the others:  Kolsch, Summer Ale, Belgian White and Hefeweizen were decent beers but not ones I would pick again)!  However, the Pale Ale was tasty and the opportunity to give a shout out to Utica, NY and the Boilermaker was too tempting--so here goes:

Taste:  Mild bitterness, did not detect any sweetness; overall a balanced fresh flavor with a slight pop on the palate after the sip

Color:  Pours a chrome color

Thickness:  Medium-bodied smooth mouth full; Low carbonation; Plentiful frothy white head which diminished quickly after the pour

ABV:  4.7 %

Mom Factoid:  Prior to having the little duo, I ran a few road races.  One of the neatest was the Boilermaker Road Race, which takes place in Utica, NY.  Its official sponsor is the Saranac Brewery.  Check out this link to learn more about the brewery:
Besides being a 15K, which is a unique distance for a road race, after you finish running, you get to drink free beer courtesy of the Saranac Brewery. Check out the following website if you are interested in learning more about the race:
I'm hoping to run this race again, maybe next summer :)

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