Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Shipyard Summer @ Famous Daves

Weeks after taking tasting notes on Shipyard's Summer Ale, today, I woke up motivated to post them. Why you wonder?  The place I had this beer is called Famous Daves (a bbq joint in Scarborough) & the husband goes by the same name...not the "famous" part but the "Dave" part!  And, guess what he's doing tonight for a work-related, team-bonding activity?  Drum roll.....participating in a private beer tasting at Gritty McDuffs in the Old Port.  I'm not jealous, really, just finding the irony in the situation.  I'm hopeful, that he will provide some quality tasting notes on the brews he tries & maybe share them as a guest post later on.  Anyway, back to Shipyard's Summer release which is considered an American Pale Ale:

Taste: Crisp & refreshing; no bitterness! Aftertaste is non-lemony with a slightly malty finish; quite enjoyable as the sweetness is not overpowering for a summer brew. I was unable to detect a distinct aroma as the air in the bar was filled with deep bbq scents resulting in mouth watering drool!

Color: Draft pour yields a mild gold

Thickness: Mild body with very low carbonation.  There was a small white, non-frothy head which didn't linger.

ABV: 5.10%

Environment: 3 flat screens in an open & airy bar with a friendly waitstaff

Mom Factoid: Given that the husband & I could eat bbq all the time, I'm wondering, if a family, can live off of bbq in the summer? Any recipe suggestions for kid-friendly bbq sides?

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